Anti Poaching

At the forefront of our operation is the Rhino. Rhinos are in crisis, with three being brutally murdered every day for their horn.  Rhino horn has become more valuable than gold and platinum due to the demand.

 It is a complex and multi layered situation, from an ancient mindset of millions of people thousands of kilometers away that believe it is a cure for disease and uplifts status; to a criminal problem driven by demand, with corruption and organized criminals on the same level as human and drug traffickers.

 Knowledge and understanding of what is driving this species into extinction is important so that we can recognize this and can put in the efforts to remedy the situation.

Time for the Rhino is running out and the time to act is now

Aerial presence and ‘eyes in the sky’ are the most effective way to cover vast ground in a short amount of time.

 We at One Life Live It are not an anti-poaching unit, we aim to fly 2 hours per day doing aerial surveillance, during these surveys any suspicious activities (such as fence line incursions, detection of alleged poachers, animal carcasses, campsites etc.) will be monitored recorded via GPS and relayed to the relevant stakeholders such as the local anti-poaching units, SAPS and landowners.

One Life Live It is on permanent standby and can be airborne in minutes to be of assistance to Anti-poaching ground units. (picture of dehorned rhino)

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